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Looking for something new to try in 2015?  Just check out a few of these fun new ideas:

Scaffa Project

Piercings referred to as “scaffa project” are any combination of multiple piercings across the flat plane of the upper ear underneath the helix.  These piercings can number as few as three or as many as eight or nine, and will generally make either a simple design or a line.

multiple scaffa piercings or designs

Daith Conch Orbital

With daith piercings growing in popularity it’s no surprise that variations have arose.  Case in point: the daith orbital.  This involves a daith piercing, an inner conch piercing, and an outer conch piercing, all connected with a single hoop.  Only a seasoned professional will be able to pierce this one properly, but there’s no denying that the look is pretty neat.

daith and conch piercings connected

Labret Orbital

Not really an orbital in the truest sense of the word, this piercing only gives the illusion of a perfect hoop.  It’s as simple as connecting two standard labret piercings, but the jewelry can be a little bit tricky.  This one is best worn with a custom bent horseshoe that’s tipped with flat discs behind the lip.

connected labret piercings

Vertical Bites

Vertical labrets are becoming more commonplace, but a little changeup can give them a unique spin.  Try going double for either snake bites or spider bites, and you’ve got a piercing you’re not likely to see on everyone else in town.

pairs of vertical lip piercings

Vertical Bridge

For some vertical surface piercings along the nose bridge aren’t feasible, but for those who can manage to pull it off, these fun piercings are interesting, unique, and draw lots of good attention to a set of pretty peepers.

vertical nose bridge surface piercings

Horizontal Navel

This provocative piercing can be done straight across, connecting both sides with a single barbell industrial style, or it can be a set of two separate belly piercings horizontally at the sides of the navel.  Time to show off those killer abs.

horizontal side belly piercings


These cute piercings along the hairline behind the ear can be worn as a single dermal or a set of several.  They’re feminine and unexpected.  As if you need to be any more alluring than you are already, right?

piercings behind the ear at the hairline

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