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vertical chin surface piercings

So you’ve heard of labret piercing.  You’ve probably also heard of lowbret piercing, or extra low labret piercings that fall more at the crest of the chin than actually underneath the lip.  But what about downright chin piercings?

Yep, that’s actually a thing.  To be a true chin piercing instead of just a strategically placed lowbret, this type of piercing is done vertically through the skin at the front of the chin.  But although it’s technically a surface piercing, because of the skeletal curvature in this area and the wealth of thick, elastic skin, the “chin piercing” as it’s simply being called is generally done with a barbell rather than a surface bar.

The best choice for this area, because of all the movement from talking, chewing, and facial expressions is generally a flexible bar made out of bioflex, bioplast, or PTFE.   These types of materials are non-metallic, hypoallergenic, and biocompatible, meaning that they’re specifically designed for use in living tissue and will vastly reduce the likelihood of migration or rejection.

 self-threading flexible PTFE bars

Though the chin piercing may take slightly longer to heal than your average facial piercing, it’s definitely a viable long-term piercing, and it’s starting become somewhat of a trend amongst modification enthusiasts.  Due partially to its position in the chin or “beard” area, this is one piercing that’s actually seeing more popularity amongst young men, though it definitely remains a unisex modification.  It also makes a great addition aesthetically to already existing lip piercings like the standard labret, or symmetrical snake bites.

chin piercings paired with other symmetrical piercings

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