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Along with the meteoric rise in dark fairy tales and vampire lore has inevitably come a leap forward in vintage inspired, darkly romantic fashion. The vampire genre itself continues to evolve, creating new and interesting looks that have an obviously not-of-this-time edge. Drawing on inspiration from medieval, Victorian, and circa 1900 styling and silhouettes, the new look of vampirism is something decidedly dark with an ornate and lavish touch that speaks to the illusion of nobility amassed across centuries.

In opposition, a branch of this same twistedly beautiful tree has grown separately to include a more contemporary aesthetic, still based around the mystery and allure of the night.  As modification of the body allows for uniqueness and difference, and the ability to mold the self into whatever we desire, the trend towards unconventional beauty grows as a means of expressing the angst and emotional turmoil of modern life.

The look itself can be described as very “new moon,” not only reflecting darkness, but also the devoid and uncertain.  In the modern age, a fear of darkness is recognized as a fear of the unknown, and those who truly embrace the cultural aspects of gothic lifestyle have stepped up to become the embodiment of that mystery and allure. As acclaimed English writer John Ruskin once said, “all great and beautiful work has come of first gazing without shrinking into the darkness.”

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