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Who says being stuck in the past is a bad thing? Not me, Daddy-O! Vintage and retro styles are a staple in the Burlesque, Pinup, and Rockabilly communities. Rockabilly is a style of rock and roll music that had its roots in the 1950’s. It is also a sub-culture that often goes hand and hand with pinup and burlesque. Old school tattoos, think “Sailor Jerry” flash art: cherries, leopard print, nautical stars, and sparrows are just a few examples of the common imagery used on clothing and accessories. Cuffed jeans and leather jackets for the boys, vintage dresses with floral, polka dot, or leopard print and big hair flowers for the girls. Pompadours and red lipstick are not the only defining characteristic of rockabilly and pinup chic!

Pierced and tattooed temptresses are trailblazing the confines of titillation and taking the old fashion bump and grind to new and exciting levels. Burlesque is a celebration of femininity, diversity, individuality, and self expression. It is a misnomer that it is not “feminist” to disrobe, as performers’ bodies are highly decorated temples that are celebrated and respected. Neo-Burlesque performers are in fact on the forefront of many feminist and body love movements. There is no objectification of the female form, rather a grandiose exploration of every body type and style of living. Burlesque and pinup modeling has been the standard for beauty for generations. This updated form of dance and entertainment blurs the lines of tradition with the addition of body art and piercing, among other things. Web communities such as the “Suicide Girls” and “Gods Girls” showcase the beauty and elegance of the alternative pinup.

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