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what you need to know about tragus jewelry

Piercings of the tragus (that little nub of cartilage that extends in front of the ear canal’s opening) have become extremely popular in the 2010s, but the jewelry that can be worn in them varies considerable depending on a variety of factors.

The first is what you were pierced with.  Depending on where you live, who pierces it, and your own ear’s anatomical characteristics, you may have been pierced with either a stud or a circular.  So why does that matter?  Because the piercing itself will heal relative in shape to the jewelry that’s worn during the healing process.  For those who were pierced with a circular barbell, this means that switching to a straight barbell or stud is likely to either be uncomfortable, or not work at all, and vice versa.  That’s why knowing the type of jewelry that you’d like to wear from the get-go is a good way to avoid disappointment, because your piercer can likely use the style you prefer for the initial piercing, setting you up to continue wearing similar pieces.

 intial tragus jewelry

Next, is the size.  Tragus piercings can be performed in either a 14 or 16 gauge, or more rarely in a teensy 18 gauge.  Knowing your size is essential to getting jewelry that fits, because even though the difference looks pretty miniscule, it doesn’t feel like it, and nobody wants a piece of tiny jewelry sliding around in a larger size piercing.  Other dimensions will of course come into play as well, like the diameter for circulars or BCRs, and the length for barbells or stud type items.

 how to size tragus jewelry

And last, we have preference.  Once you know your correct size and type of jewelry, it’s time to pick out a style.  Do you like gems?  Dangles?  Or would you rather just keep it simple?  This can be a matter of trial and error, but eventually you’re sure to find a specific style of item that’s comfy, pleasant looking, and makes you feel good.  Happy tragus shopping!

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