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Got nipple piercings?  Looking to buy jewelry for a partner or friend?  Then here’s three things you need to know:

1. BCR style nipple rings are definitely coming back into fashion in a big way.  One good way to tell what you can or can’t wear?  Captive rings that you want to use as nip jewelry should have a slightly larger diameter, usually between 10 and 14 mm.  Anything smaller than that won’t work for most people because the ring itself will be too tight.

 Captive Style Nipple Rings

2. If you or your gift recipient prefer barbell style jewelry but you want something with gems, it should be relatively easy to spot items that are made specifically for nipple piercings.  In order for the gems to make a visual impact, they’ll be set facing outward, instead of inlaid into the tip of the jewelry ball.

 gem barbell nipple rings

3. If you have sensitive skin and you’ve never tried bioplast, it might be time to give it a look.  This flexible material is non-metallic (so there’s no nickel or lead), biocompatible (made specifically for use with living tissue), and comes in both colors and clear styles, making it a perfect choice for sensitive piercings.

Bioplast Nipple Jewelry

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