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This open neckline sits atop the bosom accentuating the collarbone and shoulders.  It is a flattering neckline for most figures. This is a versatile neckline and almost any style necklace will flatter.  Also, opera length necklaces will elongate the look of the shoulders creating a visual division of the bodice.  Keep the length an inch above or 2 inches below the neckline so it’s not a crowded look.

Top Choices that compliment:

  • Anything close to the neck (under 18 inches) works well
  • princess style
  • Y-drop
  • pendant
  • pearls
  • a necklace with a back dangle
  • Lariat.


The sweetheart is an open neckline that outlines the bodice like a heart. It may or may not have straps – the rules apply the same either way.  The upright neckline lengthens the face giving balance to larger proportions. Chokers to about 26” (depending on the depth of the bottom of the “heart”) leave at least 3” of skin showing below the necklace to keep it a complimentary accessory.

Top Choices:

  1. Matinee
  2. Choker
  3. Princess
  4. Y-drop or Pendant
  5. Back Dangle or Lariat
  6. Collar


a high, rounded neckline that encircles the base of the neck and covers the torso to the shoulders, often sleeveless. Named for the terrific backdrop it is for showing off that special necklace. Chokers as long as they are well below the neckline or a necklace at least 22-30” long. A rope necklace will draw attention to your curves, causing the eye to sweep down your torso. You can double or triple strand them for shorter lengths.  An opera-length necklace adds elegance, drawing the eyes down to your chest and away from your neck. Also consider a long string of colorful beads; thicker for day look, while crystals bring a little glamour to a dressier outfit.

Top Choices:


Made up of two triangular pieces of fabric that join at the back of the neck. The most prominent feature is the plummeting neckline drawing the eye to the cleavage. The only necklace length that won’t work with a halter is one that would get lost in cleavage. Or if the halter is high and narrow, comes to a point at the hollow of your throat, it may be best to accent with earrings, bracelets, hair accents and other jewelry types.

Top Choices:


The bateau neckline (or boat neck) echoes the collarbone with a straight line between the shoulders, sometimes bowing in the front and can present a more classic appearance. This neckline calls for a simple necklace of one or two strands worn close to the throat: collars or chokers. To draw attention to your curves go with a 26-30” necklace. This will cause the eye to sweep down your torso.

Top Choices:

Portrait or Off the Shoulder:

Off the Shoulder A neckline that is mid to low cut, wide scooped, and can feature a shawl-like addition draping the shoulders. It is a classic feminine look. This style is enticing with a view of the chest, yet alluring because it doesn’t reveal too much. Just about any style of necklace suits this neckline from collars to 22” (above the bust).An opera-length necklace (At 28 to 34 inches), draws the eyes down to your torso creating a look of balance. Consider a collar style if you have a thin neck and a top or dress that shows it off. It’s 12 to 13 inches in length and goes well with off-the-shoulder and V-neck tops.

Top Choices:


One side is unlike the other, usually a single strap over one shoulder emphasizing the neck, shoulders and collarbone.  Generally speaking this neckline is not flattered by a necklace, a better choice might be earrings, hairpieces and bracelets.

Top Choices:

Elizabethan or Queen Anne:

Queen Anne: Britain’s Queen Anne has given this neckline its name. The diamond shape outline on the chest area gives the chest and shoulders a larger and wider appearance.  The eyes are drawn to the horizontal line along the right and left points. With the striking high collar of this neckline you do not usually want a necklace, just a fabulous pair of earrings.

Top Choices:


Empire and square:

The empire neckline is square and has a horizontal coverage of the breasts. It dips to a point halfway between the top of the breast and the midpoint. Flatters average to larger women with short necks as it offers a balance and makes the neck appear longer. Like the halter, just about any style and length of necklace will work providing it does not get lost in the cleavage.  Consider lengths that fall between the collarbones.  Try to avoid anything to angular, an easy curving shape in a choker or princess length should work well.

Top Choices:

V Neck:

The V neck is close to the neck on the back and sides and dips to a shallow point in front. Flatters most women as it emphasizes an oval shaped face and causes the neck to appear longer. A very flattering neckline style.  Accenting a V-neck with a Y-drop, pendant or solitaire quietly echoes the dip of the neckline. Consider a collar style if you have a thin neck and a top or dress that shows it off. It’s 12 to 13 inches in length and goes well with V-neck tops.

Top Choices:

Scoop Neck:

The scoop neckline is shaped in a U, it is a wide opening and full curving dip down the chest. Flatters larger women and wide faces and smaller busted by helping provide proportion. This is a versatile neckline and almost any style of necklace that fits close to the neckline will flatter.   Multiple strands that fill in the U go well with this style.

Top Choices:

Low Back:

This neckline is the perfect style to showcase a necklace that is as beautiful from the back as the front.  Consider accenting your back with a back dangle or a lariat tied in back.

Top Choices:

Open Collar:

As the name implies, the shirt, blouse or dress has an unbuttoned area around the neck front. Flatters almost everyone and will enhance the neck. Collar, chokers to matinee length necklaces flatter this neckline and can be single or multi-stranded. They hang just below the neck but it’s best not to wear them if you don’t want to draw attention to that part of your body.  You can also pull out all the stops for those special occasions with a rope necklace. They’re over 45 inches long so be aware they draw attention to your curves, causing the eye to sweep down your torso. You can double or triple strand them for shorter lengths.

Top Choices:


This close neckline has an extended collar usually worn folded over to about 2” below the chin. Flatters women with narrow shoulders and long necks and faces, as it helps to balance them. Any style and length of necklace other than collars will work with this neckline; bold pendants are especially striking.

Top Choices:

  • Matinee
  • Princess
  • Rope

Cowl Neck:

The cowl neck is similar to the turtleneck but features a collar of folded fabric but instead of being close fitting, the cowl neck’s collar is wider and drapes loosely around the neck. Flatters larger women with heavier builds and wide faces and necks. This neckline needs a longer necklace due to the width of collar; any style works as long as it is 24” or longer.

Top Choices:


The Sabrina neckline (after Audrey Hepburn’s character in the movie) is a wide, shallow, straight neckline that begins 2 inches inside the shoulder and is close to the base of the neck. Flatters women with narrow necks and thin faces, providing proportion.

Top Choices:

  • Matinee
  • Opera
  • Rope

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