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You’re almost ready for a great night out.  You look stunning.  Now for the last touches.  Hmmm….what necklace to wear?  Choosing the length can be tricky. Every situation has lengths that are more appropriate than others. Some can show off the neckline while others clash with it. But don’t fret; there are plenty of choices for every style and every neck shape. Here are some tips about necklace length.  Although, bare in mind these are guidelines, and sometimes an unconventional choice is perfect. If you keep “balance” in mind, you will always make good decisions.

General tips


● The oils from your skin and body lotion will build up on your necklaces over time. Clean them regularly to ensure brilliance.

● Keep in mind that necklaces will draw attention to the areas it outlines. Avoid any neck accessories in areas you wish to downplay.

● Chokers are more informal than collar necklaces but can work well in either setting.

● Make sure there’s no decoration on your outfit that clashes with it.

● No matter how beautiful a necklace is, if it’s not suited to your outfit and neckline it may never look quite right.

● If your ensemble is delicate, keep your neckline in sync with the look by avoiding big, clunky necklaces. Instead, try stacking three more delicate necklaces of varying types and lengths.

● Wearing a strand of beads or pearls is the classic way to accent an ensemble, find beads and pearls in one or more colors that will match or blend with any outfit.

● Strong right angles that define a neckline could be coupled with an easy, curving necklace shape to soften the lines.

● Choose a necklace that imitates the line of the outfit. If it is cut rather high, look for more delicate designs so you don’t crowd the neckline.

● Choose the matinee style for high or very low necklines. It’s 20 to 24 inches long and adds elegance to work clothes or casual wear.

● Keep in mind your comfort.  No matter how perfect your necklace, your confidence in wearing the necklace is extremely important. You may love to push convention, or a classic look may be more to your liking; consider your comfort level and style.


12 – 13 inches long

Sits above the neckbone

Works well with U-necks, boat necks, and off neck style necklines


14 – 16 inches long

Sits at the neckbone

Complements just about anything, but you may want to go to a princess size if you have a wide neck.


17 – 19 inches long

Sits below the neckbone

Very versatile

Works well with crew necks, high necks and plunging necklines


20 – 25 inches long

Excellent for casual and business wear

Projects a professional image


26 to 36 inches long

Goes well with high necks, turtleneck or crew necks

Can be worn as a single strand, doubled, or knotted at the neck

Can work from day to evening


Stay tuned for the Necklace Guide Part 2, where we’ll show you how to choose the perfect necklace to compliment your outfit and neckline.

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