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The semi-final round of the 2015 NCAA Men’s Basketball tournament will take place on Saturday April 4. I will be watching the game with my sister Lisa, as I have done many times in years past.

This year is different for both of us because this year we are a house divided.

I attended Michigan State University from 2005-2012 for my doctorate. I am a proud Spartan who has lead the “Go GREEN, Go WHITE” chant many times. For some reason Lisa has been a life-long, die hard (and I mean HARD) fan of the Duke University Blue Devils. She is the only person I know who can pronounce “Coach Kryzyzewski” with more ease than a television commentator. At the end of the game on Saturday night one of us will be cheering with joy for the winner while the other will quietly congratulate her. I hope to be cheering. Lisa is hoping for the same thing.

The REAL excitement during this year’s tournament has been the undefeated University of Kentucky Wildcats making their way into the history books. Not since 1976 has a collegiate basketball team closed out an undefeated season and a tournament championship. I must admit, I have been caught up in the excitement of this. At the same time, I love the romance of an underdog story. According to many sports analysts the Badgers of the University of Wisconsin are the only team able to stop the Wildcats. The (seemingly) unstoppable offense of the Wildcats will come in contact with the precise and disciplined defense of the Badgers. No matter the outcome of this game, it is sure to be action packed and thrilling.

Get out your t-shirt, paint your face. Spread out the chips, dips and drinks and enjoy the end of the tournament.

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