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These genuine natural stone captive bead rings are great for any body jewelry wardrobe. They come in a 14 gauge and are about  3/8 ” in length. The natural stone ball is 4mm and comes with the closure ring. Every bead is unique, there are never two exactly alike! Each individual bead is known to have a special healing power. The amazonite stone brings success, joy and harmony and the coral stone brings diplomacy, quieting emotions and visualization. The Lapis lazuli stone is know for knowledge, wisdom and perfection. The jade colored stones represent fortune, longevity and accomplishment while the quartz stone represents love and gentleness. The obsidian snowflake signifies deflecting negativity, protection and a healing power. Rhodonite is similar; representing power, love and healing. The unique tiger eye stone is know for optimism, peacefulness and clarity. The jasper colored stones are know for insight awareness and protection. The agate blue lace stone represents balance, inspiration and perceptiveness. The popular turquoise stone is a symbol of cleansing, protection and valor. Lastly, the mother of pearl is known for mental clarity, adaptability and cooperation. These are only some of our natural stones. Each distinctive captive bead ring will add inspiration and beauty into your life!

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