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Who better to show off the beauty of body piercing than some BodyCandy fans?

National Piercing Day is the day where the art of body piercing is celebrated and promoted. Did you know the oldest piercing was done over 5,000 years ago? There’s nothing “new” about piercings. In  many cultures across the world, in both today’s society and the past, body piercing is practiced and respected. Earrings and nose rings had their place in Ancient Egypt, lip and tongue piercings date back to African and American tribal cultures. The Western world saw the rise of body piercing [other than the earlobe] within subcultures during the 1970’s, gaining popularity in the mainstream during the 1990’s.

Some of us choose to pierce for reasons like fashion or rebellion, others choose the more spiritual justification of the past. Whatever your reason, if you’re considering getting a piercing, today’s the day to do it! Check with your local shops for promotions and discounts. If you’re unsure of where to go, can help you out with that.

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