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We're all familiar with modern day legendary creatures, from the Loch Ness Monster, to the Yeti, and even the Moth Man, and the Chupacabra.  But with little consideration in the modern era, mythical tales of the past have snuck up to infiltrate our fashion future.  Here's a little taste of what ancient mythology has done for modern day jewelry culture.

There are many mystical beasts that have found their way into our everyday wardrobe.  The mermaid, dragon, fairy, pegasus, phoenix, and sea serpent, just to name a few.  These amazing and beautiful creatures have shaped not just the fashion of jewelry and clothing, but also textiles, home decor, kitchenware, and just about every aspect of modern life that has a style or design. 

Mystical tattoo art in particular has seen a revival in recent years, with all variety of nymphs, flying dragons, and retro stylized depictions of mermaids, sea monsters, and giant squid making a serious comeback.  Fashionable, colorful, and easily customizable, with almost endless variations, fairy folk are considered one of the most common body art elements in the world.  And with gorgeous, ethereal butterfly wings and a penchant for sparkles, it's easy to see why.

Most legendary mammals were once thought to be real living creatures, and it's hard to argue with the possibility that such entities could have existed in one form or another at some point during human history.  After the discovery of Coelacanth (fish thought be extinct since the late Cretaceous period) off the coast of Africa in 1938 and the live photography taken of a 90 foot colossal squid in 2008, it's easy to think that possibly science may have yet to discover such monsters lurking in the uncharted islands of the world. 

Fictional or exaggerated in form, one thing has become inescapably clear: the mystical and magnificent ancient legends of earth's oceans and forests have captured the popular imaginations, and the jewelry boxes, of yet another generation.

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