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Getting your first piercing?  Thinking about piercing a new part of your body? Really want something pierced, but too afraid because of what you’ve heard? Let’s turn those nerves into excitement. Take a look at all the really awesome jewelry you’ll be able to wear. Think about how your new piercing will speak to your individuality; your uniqueness. And above all else, don’t let someone else’s words detour you from going after something you really want!

Myth: All piercings hurt.

#TheTruth: Pain is individualized. Every body is different. Not only that, but every part of your body is different. Pinch your ear and then pinch your belly – the pain differs depending where you’re being pierced. There are a few piercings that generally will hurt more than others, but your own pain tolerance as well as your body’s overall sensitivity that day will determine how painful your piercing will be. Obviously piercing a sensitive area of your body (ie. a nipple) is going to hurt a bit. Your piercing professional will do his/her best to make sure you are comfortable. You can trust those guys, they know what they’re doing.

Myth: You’re going to regret it when you’re older.

#TheTruth: How in the world could you possibly know what your future self is going to regret? You can’t. Anyone who tells you this is passing judgement based on their own views, which has nothing to do with who you are, so stop listening to them!

Myth: Intimate piercings are more likely to get infected.

#TheTruth: The only way a piercing is more likely to get infected is if you’re pierced by someone who isn’t credible, or do not carefully follow aftercare instructions. Be honest with your piercer about your body. A professional piercer will warn you if any pre-existing conditions will effect your healing time, and will know if the piercing is safe for you or not.

Myth: If you’re pierced/tattooed, you’ll never get a job.

#TheTruth: Everyone who writes for this blog has a job. There are employers out there who discriminate against pierced and/or tattooed individuals, but that’s changing. In fact, there’s an entire website devoted to this issue called Support Tattoos and Piercings at Work. Apple, Bank of America and All State Insurance are a few corporate companies that allow their employees to have visible tattoos and piercings. Even their CEOs and members of upper management!

Myth: Only [certain types of people] get [certain types of piercings.]

#TheTruth: All types of people get all types of piercings. End of story.

Disclaimer: All points made in this post are directed towards those individuals who are of legal piercing age. If you’re unsure, please visit the Tattooing and Body Piercing section of the NCSL website to verify policies in your state.

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