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Here at Body Candy, we love to hear about all of our customers and their amazing and unique piercings and body art.  So since you've been sweet enough to share with us, we figured it was time we share with you!  That's why in the coming weeks some of Body Candy's pierced employees have agreed to share their jewelry likes and dislikes, the story behind their piercings, and their personal experiences when being pierced. 

Our first pierced personality is Kelsey from our Social Media Department, and she has the most universal piercing in body jewelry history: the ear lobes. Here's what she has to say about the wonderful world of ear piercing jewelry:

I can’t quite remember the day that I got my ears pierced because I was so young, but I have had them done for about 17 years now and I absolutely love my piercings. Ear piercing is the most popular and common type of piercing. It’s not often that you see someone with out earrings... and that includes girls and boys!

I switch up my earrings almost everyday and sometimes even twice a day. Depending on the occasion, I change my earrings from studs to dangle earrings to whatever style I want. I usually wear my favorite sterling silver studs during the day; I love the classic, simple look.

When I go out, I love putting on a pair of flashy, colorful earrings to spice up my outfit. There are millions of earrings in every shape, design and color that can be dreamed of! That’s why I love this piercing, the options are endless.

When I was in high school, I really wanted another piercing but was too scared to get one somewhere besides my ears. So, I got two more piercings in each ear for a total of three a piece. I loved the look back then. With three holes in each ear, there were even more options. I would wear dangles or hoops in my first hole, and studs in the other two.

Sometimes I would wear threader earrings and weave them through each hole. If I was trying to keep it simple, I would wear three studs in each ear. Usually, the first hole would be the largest diamond or gem and the second would be a little bit smaller, and the third the smallest. Today, I usually don’t wear earrings in all three piercings.

Now that I’m older, I like the look of one earring in each ear the best. However, everyone has their own style. I have seen people with 15 piercings in their ears, in places I didn’t even know you could get pierced! I love my ear piercings; I think it’s a great, a universal piercing that enhances any look.

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