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perfect gifts for pierced and tattooed moms

For moms who have stretched ears or intend on stretching them, a stretching kit is definitely an amazing gift.  The kit contains nine individual tapers representing each new size all the way up to 00.  It’s an easy and cohesive way to get safely up to a larger size, and with included o-rings and classic solid coloring, there’s everything a busy mom will need in terms of a fashionable and no-worry transition.

9 piece ear taper stretching kits

For mommies to be or those who are pregnant with new additions, a pregnancy belly ring is both sweet and functional.  Made with flexible and hypoallergenic PTFE, the extra long barbell can be clipped on a diagonal and the ball twisted on and off to create new threads, so a custom size is just a few easy steps away.  Plus, the cute baby-centric charms add a whimsical touch, so that any happy mommy will glow even more.

adorable belly rings for pregnant mommies

And finally, any momma who’s modified can use a few tools to make caring for her mods a hassle-free experience.  From pre-mixed on-the-go aftercare products, to durable wooden jewelry boxes, and convenient and effective jewelry loosening and tighten tools, aftercare doesn’t have to be an afterthought anymore.  Even the busiest of pierced and tatted moms can breathe easy knowing that their skin, and their tots, are taken care of.

convenient products for busy moms

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