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You’ve heard it a million times from your parents, teachers, strangers. “You’ll never get a job if you’re covered in piercings and tattoos!” Maybe at one time back in their day, but in today’s society that’s not entirely true. There are employers who share the same morals as you, in many different career fields. It might be harder to find them, you might have to compromise, but your dream career might be worth one less piercing [for now.]

Many companies have already taken steps towards accepting piercings and tattoos in the workplace. Ford, All State Insurance, RE/MAX Realty, Bank of America, Ticket Master, T-Mobile and Amazon to name a few.

In a few years, your generation will surpass prior generations in the job market. If a large percentage of the new job market has visible tattoos and piercings, can companies afford to continue to turn them away? No way. Your skills and talents are valuable!

There’s more ways in life to be successful other than having a corporate career and a six-figure salary, but if that’s your goal, don’t let discrimination stand in the way of your determination. Be modified, be proud, be professional!

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