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the trick to industrial barbell sizing

A little overwhelmed when shopping for new industrial barbells?  Maybe it’s your first time, or maybe you just love the fun look of bent and waved industrials but have no idea which one will fit.  And you don’t want to buy something that looks really awesome only to find it won’t fit, right?  Well if you give us just one minute, we can teach you how to measure so that it never feels like a gamble again.  Here’s the secret:

Think of the balls or spikes at the ends of your industrial as two points.  We’ll call them point A and point B.  Now, just like in math class, it’s your job to find the shortest distance between point A and point B.  That’s right.  It’s straight across.

 how to measure for length

No matter how wacky and wonderful the waves, dips, and spirals in an industrial barbell are, the length is always measured straight across from one ball to the other.  So if your poker straight project bar at home measures 37mm, then even the most interesting new barbell from the online store will fit, as long as you look in the specifications, and make sure that it lists a length measurement of about 37mm.

 cool industrial project bars

Much easier, right?  Now, time to go shopping.

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