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celebrating women in modification and beyond

Hello to all my fellow ladies; today is a day to celebrate.  It’s women’s Equality Day, and it’s time for all of us fine modified sisters to live it up and give it up for our fellow fabulous superwomen.  Throughout history, women have proven time and again that we’re not just pretty faces and fundamental family leaders.  We have strength, substance, an inquiring intellect, and the drive and conviction required to achieve great things.  We haven’t just lived in the history of our nation, but we’ve shaped it, and altered it, building a world where we stand together and look to the future with hope and inspiration.

 fun female symbol body jewelry

It should come as no surprise then, that in the world of modification, we hold an equally impressive position.  Women make up a great percentage of those that are pierced, tattooed, stretched, branded, and dermal covered.  Although our male counterparts are statistically slightly more apt to be tattooed and scarified, women represent almost three quarters of the pierced population under the age of 29 in the United States.  We’re also more likely to have multiple mods, and more inclined to stretch the piercings of our earlobes.

Although there are far more male modification artists than female, those of us who do choose this type of creative career have made a name for ourselves repeatedly within the industry.  Just look at famous tattoo artists Amanda Wachob, Megan Massacre, and Kat Von D.

Major Achievements of Women in History

1903 French physicist Marie Curie is the first woman to win the Nobel Prize (she even went on to win a second time in 1911 for her work in chemistry)

1921 Edith Wharton becomes the first woman to win the Pulitzer Prize

1928 Amelia Earhart is the first woman to pilot a plane across the Atlantic ocean

1933 Frances Perkins becomes the first female presidential cabinet member

1977 Janet Guthrie is the first woman to drive in the Indy 500

1981 Sandra Day O’Connor becomes the first female Supreme Court Justice

1983 Sally Ride joins the crew of the space shuttle Challenger to become the first American Woman sent into space

1992 Manon Rheaume is the first woman to play in the NHL

2001 Ashley Martin becomes the first female player to score in an NCAA Division I college football game

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