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The heart symbol is recognized the world over.  In various contexts, and with numerous applications, this one silly little symbol can mean so many things.  Here are just a few of them:

Heart = Love

 I Heart You Plugs

The heart symbol is synonymous with the emotion of love, as in “I Heart You,” or “We Heart It,” etcetera.  This is especially true in the modern world of web-based interaction, where you’ll often find that your Facebook buddies ♥ somebody’s comments.

Heart = Organ

 the heart symbol as an organ indicator

The use of the heart symbol to indicate the actual human heart organ is a relatively newer phenomena, but valid nonetheless.  Just think about some of the machines you may have seen used in hospitals or doctors’ offices; often a pulse rate or “beat per minute” line will be marked with a little glowing heart.

Heart = Secrets

 Heart locks and keys

It’s indicated in a variety of ways, but the heart equals secrets that are held deep within, and those secrets can only be unlocked by that special someone who knows how to find the key.

Heart = Music

 the heart and music

Not just in the sense that we all love our music, but in the sense that our hearts and souls are actually part of the music.  That rhythmic thump is the best base line around.  Just take a cue from Nicki Minaj, and turn up that super-base.

Heart = Hurt

 broken hearts body jewelry

It’s the last thing we want to associate with love, but there’s no denying that the heart is also a symbol of hurt.  Broken, bruised, scarred or torn, a heart falling apart is the ultimate depiction of emotional pain.  Just remember to keep your head up, because a broken heart can always be mended.

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