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Traditional Gifts

For parents, grandparents, uncles, and bosses or co-workers, you may be looking to give a more traditional men’s gift.  In this situation, high quality accessories that are special, yet functional are usually the way to go, and finishing touches like cufflinks and money clips are perfect choices.  The design possibilities are nearly endless, and materials and branding will dictate cost, so it’s easy to choose an option that’s on the exact level of style, uniqueness, and price that you’re aiming for.

Contemporary Gifts

For friends, cousin, or siblings, a more contemporary gift is likely to fit the bill.  This is where the cooler, more youthful, and fun accessories come into the picture.  Think licensed belt buckles, or neat alternative pendants.

Couples Gifts

When it comes to the special guy in your life, you’re probably looking for something that expresses your own unique bond and appeals to that person’s sense of individuality.  So what makes for a great gift?  Customized merchandise is ideal because you can add your own names, initials, short phrases, or photographs to an item like plugs, dog tags, bracelets, or belt buckles, which makes them more personal.

Another good option that’s been gaining momentum as a contemporary fashion trend is to give your guy a ring.  Formerly, tradition dictated that the gift of a ring of any kind was meant to pass from a man to a woman, but more and more in recent years the gift of simple, quality tungsten or silver rings as a show of caring or commitment has become a woman’s domain as well.  Especially for those already in a committed relationship, the ring may just be the perfect thing.

Official NFL Merchandise

What does every guy in your life want for Christmas?  Official merch branded with his favorite NFL team of course!  From dog tag pendants, to bracelets, stud earrings, and tongue rings, nothing completes a game day ensemble like every imaginable accessory to match that favorite jersey.  Not an NFL fan?  No problem.  This strategy is just as applicable for MLB, NBA Basketball, and NCAA College Football too.

Boys Gifts

Last but not least, for all of the little guys who deserve an extra little dose of Holiday fun, nothing says, “I’m your cool aunt,” like their favorite comic and movie characters in temporary tattoo form.  That way they get to mimic dad’s tattoos and go nuts over Spiderman.  Christmas: accomplished.

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