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Every year it is the same; in the cold of winter your blood begins to heat up, your toes start a nervous tap, your eyes constantly dart to a clock checking the time. You become an expert in braketology. You can hear the squeak of sneakers on the hardwood in your sleep mixed with the sweet bounce a basketball dribble. You only wear the colors of your favorite college team and glare at people sporting the colors of your team’s rivals with a hatred that can feel instinctual.

Ladies and Gentlemen, March Madness is here.

The 76 year old tournament is four weeks of non-stop action. School teams are celebrated, hearts are broken, nets are cut down from the hoops, memories are made that last forever. Many college basketball teams have regional appeal; you don’t have to be a student or alumni to be an ardent fan, and rivalries between schools can extend beyond the campus. In honor of the 2015 tournament, let’s take a look at the teams which make up the hottest rivalries in college basketball.

UNC Tar Heels & Duke Blue Devils

The campuses of the University of North Carolina and Duke University are separated by only ten miles. Students and alumni living in Durham and Chapel Hill come into contact with each other on a daily basis which fuels the fiery rivalry between these two teams. The rivalry is fueled by the great game performance of both teams; each school has made it to the Final Four over a dozen times. Televised games between these two rivals are always entertaining; impressive basketball skills are highlighted by the rabid loyalty of fans decked out in Carolina Blue and Duke Blue. Don’t try to confuse the colors.

University of Louisville Cardinals & University of Kentucky Wildcats

When the Cardinals and Wildcats meet for a basketball game it’s called the “Battle for the Bluegrass.”Lexington and Louisville sit 75 miles apart and neither city has a professional sports franchise, so fans pour all their energy into their loyalty for each school. Team colors make it easy to spot fellow fans or team rivals. The colors for the Kentucky Wildcats are blue and white while the Louisville Cardinals are red and black. Even if the teams do not match up during the March tournament, fans are guaranteed a thrilling game every winter when they play each other.

No matter your school, no matter your team, regardless of the rivalry, March Madness is about the beloved sport of basketball.

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