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First things first, what the heck is Lucite? I know, strange name for this mystery material that can take on all kinds of shapes and colors. Lucite is actually a kind of plastic and its name was given by DuPont, the science manufacturing engineer, in 1937.

This synthetic material was licensed and over the years given many additives to help it’s strength and finish. Manufactured inexpensively since the 1940’s, it was a hit in the creative industry of costume jewelry based on the fact that it was easy to make and cheap in price for those longing to be glamorous on the right occasion.

Lucite jewelry in particular is now making a major comeback in popular fashion. Designers are able to make unique, one of a kind, handcrafted pieces and compliment them with different shapes and colors.

Lucite layering has become increasingly popular as well. Celebrities like Beyonce, who recently released a music video for the single “Move Your Body” in promotion of positive health, are showing off some lovely Lucite necklaces. Demonstrating her love for Lucite with a multi chain necklace featuring the art of Keith Haring, Beyonce bounces around a school cafeteria with a cool new way to be fit and stay in shape.

Costume jewelry, like Lucite jewelry, can be a great way to have that rich appeal but in a fine cut piece of plastic. You don’t have to spend as much as some of these celebrities, but you are guaranteed to be lavished with compliments as your rock your new Lucite piece, whether that be a custom piece or a handcrafted beauty.

The lightweight contour of the jewelry also makes it acceptable to layer several pieces, or showcase just one. So if you are a fashion icon, pop star, celebrity, or the girl next door, nothing compares to beautifully designed jewelry that can put a modern, flirty twist on any outfit.

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