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royal jewelry fashion

Under the influence of stars like Katy Perry, Rihanna, and Lana Del Rey, it’s no wonder that all things lavish and retro-luxe are so very of-the moment.  It’s exciting to create a nouveau riche fantasy world, where we can all reign supreme over a decadent, experience-driven vintage kingdom full of gorgeous tattooed subjects.  As the wonderful Lorde so aptly points out, “we’ll never be royals.”  But that doesn’t mean that we can’t pretend.

One way to flaunt a palace-worthy weekend wardrobe is with jewel tones.  Oversized, faceted, or classically cut shapes bring to mind an exaggeration of wealth, even if it is only imagined.  Fingers, toes, noses and bellies benefit from brilliant ruby, emerald, and sapphire hues.  Everything else, you can keep sweet and simple; the luxury of fabulous, faux precious gems speaks for itself.

 beautiful birthstone belly jewelry

For those who aren’t giant gemstone-inclined, warm tones like yellow gold, rose gold, and copper give a stately appeal to all kinds of accessories.  Whether it’s on your arm, around your waist, or in your piercings, nothing says socialite like silver’s more audacious cousins.

 sweet rose gold tone body jewelry

Now break out the satin, lace, and hound’s-tooth, and let’s get this coronation underway.  It’s good to be queen, no?

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