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The belly chain is making a major comeback.

Victoria’s Secret’s much anticipated 2011 Swimwear catalog released earlier this year featured a barrage of beautiful sun-soaked models wearing graphic print, bandeaus, and a belly chain!

Belly chains are even becoming a trend amongst celebrities like Heidi Montag, Naomi Campbell, Leona Lewis, Kate Hudson, and Beyonce, who wears them often and in several different styles from Bollywood belly dancer to modern rock goddess.  She even wore one in a recent cover shoot for Dazed and Confused magazine.

The new aesthetic is simple, elegant, and worn lower around hips as a compliment to a pierced or tattooed belly, or just bare skin and a hot tan (a fake tan of course; remember that sunscreen ladies).

Dangles with simple shapes or a single focus seem to be the general fashion of the moment, and as always crystal clear gems or bright beachy tones make a definite appearance.

Belly chains: not just 90’s fare anymore.

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