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Fun-loving and adventurous, Aries sees the world through rose colored glasses- with inset gemstones and matching earrings!  This sign really loves to rock, and with a flare for vibrant colors and trendsetting style, the body jewelry forecast is full of brights, neons, and fun off-beat designs.

This week: Mercury is in retrograde, so its the perfect time to try a new look.

This month: A boost of energy from planets moving through your sign will make you feel very take-charge.  Maybe it’s time to reorganize the jewelry box or get a new piercing?

Lucky Jewelry Number for 2011: 3

Astrology Spotlight: Neons

Neon jewelry is fast becoming one of the hottest trends for going out on the town this season.  Jewelry pieces in neon colors and bright funky hues are everywhere, whether it’s an exiting new nightclub, or the neighborhood coffee shop.  For a retro look, stick with simple, solid color items made of acrylic or enamel.  These will give any outfit just the right pop, without being overstated.  To capture a latin vibe, try hot tones of pink, orange, or red, and accent with gold or silver chains.  And if rock and roll is more your style, go for ebony paired with vivid neon print or brightly colored entrancing sparkles.  You don’t have to be born under the sign of Aries to reep the benefits of hot color and cool style.

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