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America Recycles Day is celebrated on November 15th each year to raise awareness about the benefits of recycling. It is a nationally recognized holiday that started in 1997. Communities across American have been using this day to educate and motivate others to recycle and to buy products made with recycled materials. We must spread the word of what can be done if we all work together!

Recycling is something we have all been taught to do since we were young, but do we really do it? Do you know the impact we could have on the world if everyone recycled!? Let’s start by talking about what recycling is. Recycling is reusing materials instead of disregarding them as garbage. Waste can be reused in its original manner or converted into new materials. Typical materials we can recycle are paper, metal, plastic, glass, styrofoam, textiles and electronics. These materials are brought to a collection center, cleaned, and reprocessed into new materials and new products. This benefits the environment in many ways.

Recycling saves energy, money and land space. It costs less money to reprocess used materials than it does to create them from scratch. It also reduces trash dumped in land fills, and keep in mind, most trash is not biodegradable, so it just sits there and builds up over time. Yuck! Recycling is also good for the air and water. Decomposing waste releases harmful toxins, chemicals and gases into the air and soil which eventually reach our water sources. Decreasing emissions of these gases will also help with global climate change. Therefore, the more we recycle, the less polluted our air and water will be. Don’t you want to breathe cleaner air and drink cleaner water? I know I do! Recycling also preserves wildlife because we are cutting down fewer trees to make new materials. This can help with extinction problems and leave more natural habitat for various animal species.

Thousands of events across the country will be taking place to celebrate the 14th annual America Recycles Day. Communities are cleaning up their towns and joining the festivities to help the environment. Recycling helps maintain the environment for generations to come! The international symbol for recycling is three arrows moving in a triangle. Each arrow represents a part of the process; reduce, reuse, recycle. Recycling is the easiest way to go green!

If you’re a jewelry lover like me, another awesome way to go green is by wearing natural or organic jewelry. There are some really beautiful natural stone tapers, tunnels, bracelets, earrings and belly rings available, and you can feel good about wearing them. You can be fashionable while respecting the environment at the same time. So remember to celebrate America Recycles Day in your own special way!

Ways that the pierced can recycle, reduce, and reuse:

1. Old body jewelry balls and gems that have been stripped or broken make great beads for all sorts of craft projects.

2. Charms and dangles from necklaces, belly rings, and just about anything make adorable charms for your shoelaces and cell phones.

3. BodyCandy ships our merchandise in reusable padded envelopes and boxes from the US Postal Service, so if you need to make a return or reship items as a gift, just cover or remove the shipping label and readdress.  Pop your pieces back in, tape it up, and you’re good to go for a second usage!

4. Instead of using all that water and paper products for washes and soaks, get your hands on some H2Ocean piercing aftercare spray.  Then when you’re done with it, recycle the can.

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