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clip on ear jewelry

Clip earrings are essentially any style of earring that can be worn without necessitating a piercing for its use. There are two basic types of clip earring: lever back, and screw back.  And the difference is pretty much exactly what it sounds like.  Lever back pieces involve a hinged lever that opens wide and then is re-shut to hold the item onto the earlobe, while screw back items literally screw into place.  They screw open to create a space for the lobe, and then twist back in the other direction to tighten, and can be worn as tight or as loose as you like.

different clip-on earrings styles

For those who have allergies, these items will often be available in silver, gold, or titanium plated options, reducing the risk of an allergic reaction by omitting lead and nickel.  This is also true of many ear cuffs, which are an awesome option for those who like the look of cartilage earrings but don’t want the commitment involved with an actual piercing.  Ear cuffs come in a variety of styles, but the most common are simple single cuffs, more ornate single cuffs with dangling decorative elements, double cuffs, and cuffs that extend down the ear, sometimes called “wrap cuffs.”

 nonpierced ear cuff styles

All of these items are completely piercing free, but can sometimes be worn by those who are pierced as well, either in conjunction with body jewelry, or in place of it.  So check out the fabulous world of clip-ons, and don’t be afraid to mix it up!

beautiful gothic clip earrings

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