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long dangly chains and jewelry

Seen any sets of dangling chains lately?  Whether it’s necklaces, dangly earrings, lavish belly rings, or any other fabulous jewelry, the thing of the moment is definitely to let it all hang.  From runway shows, to the streets of every major city, everyone seems to be getting in on the over-sized action.

 long and dangling jewelry styles

The best part about long dangling jewelry is that when it comes to styling, these pieces are extremely versatile.  A single pair of extra-long earrings can be matched with a simple tee shirt and jeans, add some fun to a flashy cocktail dress, or impart some serious drama when paired with an updo and a plunging neckline.  Long navel rings make the perfect mate for belly dancing costumes, long and flowing bohemian skirts, or teensy denim shorts that sit low on the hips.  And amazingly lengthy necklaces go great at the beach, in the tiki bar, or layered for a style that screams, “ready to party.”

For a modern and simple look, pick a single statement piece and make it the center of attention, or to go a little more eclectic, coordinate long earrings with a navel-grazing necklace and some bohemian style bangles.  It’s an update on 20s chic that works well on absolutely everybody.  Going to great lengths for fashion has never been so easy.

elegant dangling body jewelry

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