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Nothing is what it seems in Wonderland, but sometimes the illusion is just as thrilling. The best match for a sensational Summer? Illusion toe rings that sparkle and shine. 

Tea in the Garden 

You don’t have to be mad to embrace afternoon tea. Just be sure to surround yourself with a gaggle of like-minded friends, and plenty of luscious and lively sweets. 

Inspired Beauty 

What would a walk through Wonderland be without the right styling? Blend in flawlessly with the locals by keeping it fun, fresh, and colorful.

Piercingly Unique 

With the right ensemble and some amazingly unique jewelry, even Alice will envy your piercing style. Start with neat nose rings, and continue to add. 

To Eat or Be Eaten 

It’s time to whip up a recipe for success, and the caterpillar caterer has just the right piece of mushroom to help you grow. Just be sure not to pick the flowers, because this garden might just have teeth. 

Punchy Palette 

From pastel to punch, nothing says fun like a dose of vivid color.

Modern Imagination 

Alice’s daydream has been re-imagined and referenced again and again, so it comes as no surprise that the best resource for inspiration is media, music, fashion, and film.

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