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sweet winter style

Let it Snow

 beautiful winter snow

The weather outside may be frightful, but that’s what makes sparkling silvery snowflakes so utterly delightful.  Think of it as getting all the beauty without having to endure that shiver-enducing Winter wind chill.

 shimmering snowflake body jewelry

If the Glove Fits

 fun satirical fashion gloves

Who said Winter fashion couldn’t be just as fun as Spring?  With a little creative license and some funky fabric paints, the sky is the limit.  As many a fashionista has oft proclaimed, if the shoe (or glove) fits, wear it.

Swingin’ Solstice

 wintery pagan solstice fashion

When the old world custom of celebrating Midwinter meets the modern obsession with luminescent jewelry, you get the perfect mix of nature and a fashion sense that’s officially being nurtured.  Wreaths make the fun shine without breaking tradition.

 shining solstice wreath belly rings

Snowy Fun

 winter sports styling

Planning an excursion for some awesome sporty fun in the Winter snow?  Just don’t forget to layer on the color.

Ice Queen

 hot winter bling

Being an ice queen is all about icy bling on the outside and a warm beautiful heart that burns within.  To polish up the look, just add a little touch of hot, sparkling crystal.

sparkling crystal ice body jewelry

fashion photography sourced via WGSN

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