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Schoolyard Break 

For all those days that you’re ready to make a break for it, calm your over-algebra-ridden nerves by wearing your feelings on your sleeve, or maybe just on your wrist.  Rock your own personal mantra with a custom silicone bracelet. 

Hallway Etiquette 

Spend all day looking forward to locker time? What better way to make the most of your breaks in between classes than with a little accessory change-up? With pierced earring bonus packs, you can mix and match for a new look every period. 

Lip Service 

There may be a time and a place for talk-back, but with a lip piercing and a fun little lippy loop labret ring, you can always be ready to deliver a little lip service. 

Parking Lot Sports Star 

Stuck on sports that they don’t teach in gym class?  Well there’s still a chance to earn your stripes. Get your retro on with racing stripe barbells. 

Pastel Homecoming 

Get ready for homecoming by going pretty in pastel. No hair color dress code? No problem.  A stack of soft colored cocktail rings will get you right.

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