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toe ring fashion

Today is Wiggle Your Toes Day, and what better way to get your wiggle on than with some sweet summery toe jewelry?  Toe rings might sound just a little bit nineties, but there are tons of more modern styles and color combos that are perfect for an extra touch of sparkle on your 2010s toesies.

Illusion toe rings are a great place to start.  They come in a variety of styles, from understated to attention-grabbing, and with a clear flexible band, they can be worn on multiple different toes so you can easily change up your look.  But it’s not just versatility that makes these invisible bands so fun; they also put a whole new spin on whatever decoration they’re paired with, allowing the bling to steal center stage.

illusion style stretch toe rings

Even classic toe rings are anything but boring for 2013.  With high shine sterling silver, strategically placed gems, and a variety of fashionable motifs, these teeny toe toppers are a stylish embellishment to any sandal or peep toe.  After all, this is the time of year to let your little piggies breathe.  Why not show your toes some extra love?

 sterling silver toe jewelry

Fashion Extra: once the weather gets too cold for bare toesies, toe rings can also do double duty as pinky rings.

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