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Orange is our first stop on the Halloween color quadrangle, and it’s probably the most influential of All Hallow’s Eve tints.  Representing the pumpkin/jack o’ lantern, the colorful Autumn leaves, and the iconic candy corn, orange is a surefire way to show off your holiday spirit while still looking undeniably hot.  To give it a little hint of glam, go for items that incorporate one of our favorite girly standbys: glitter.

awesome orange glitter body jewelry


Purple is the feminine side of Halloween.  Witches lipstick, shimmering moons, ribbons on black cats, and velvety haunted house decor; everything is better with a little touch of plum.  From violet to amethyst, fuchsia to orchid, as long as it shines, any dose of the royal hue gives your beauty and your Halloween energy a boost.

shining purple titanium body jewelry


You may have heard some rumors lately, but we’re here to put all the chatter to bed.  The new black is (drum roll please!)… black.  That’s right.  There’s no substitute for the darkest of dark, most enigmatic of enigmatical shades.  Black celebrates not only the darkness and mystery of the supernatural, but also the magical glamor adherent to classic and chic simplicity.  Use it as the base of any costume or makeup compilation, or add some extra creepy pizazz with a little freaky glow in the dark fun.

creepy black glow in the dark jewelry


Last, but certainly not least, we have the most under-appreciated of the Halloween hues: green.  Jade is the color of zombies, of ectoplasmic slime,  of Frankenstein monsters and witches brew.  It’s the shade that covers pumpkin stems, graveyard grass, and radioactive sludge.  A color this fantastic and multitasking deserves a touch of extra sparkle.  The solution? Green gems.  Now we’re ready for a night of good times, and great scares.

sparkling green gem body jewelry

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