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Today is the awesome unofficial holiday, Iced Tea Day!  Yay!

 celebrating Iced Tea Day with sugary bling

Wondering why we’re so excited?  Well, if there’s one thing we love more than tea (all those antioxidants and that warm, fuzzy feeling are great) it’s ice.  Body ice, that is.

Nothing makes you feel quite so chic and sophisticated as classic icy crystals, with a brilliant, eye-catching sheen.  And whether or not you’re a fan of the tea leaves, everyone can appreciate a little tasteful bling.  Some of our favorites are made with auroras, which capture the magic of frozen sky and northern lights in a dazzling little chunk of polished, iridescent crystal.  Summer may be ready to heat up our nights, but with these little beauties, you can stay cool indefinitely.

 sprakling aurora crystal body jewelry

And what goes best with a refreshing iced beverage?  A little bit of sugar, of course.  Crystal-clear, shimmering sugary gems are just the thing to set off those hot nights ahead, especially when it’s time to bare our bellies and party.  Just think of it as a modern update on classic crystalline frosting, with luminous cubic zirconia and fantastic on-trend styling.

 dazzling clear cz jewelry

Going to the pool party?  Honey, you are the party.  Bling, bling.

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