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butterflies in life and fashion

Of all the creatures in nature, the butterfly is amongst the easiest for we humans to identify with.  But what puts it up there with man’s best friend?  Put simply, the butterfly is special because of what it once was: an ordinary caterpillar.

In their larval stage, as caterpillars, butterflies aren’t much to look at.  Their chubby, grub-like appearance could even be considered dowdy.  After a short stint inside the cocoon though, a creature of considerably more beauty emerges.  Newly reborn, with long graceful limbs, a slender torso, and brilliantly patterned wings, the butterfly is truly a sight to behold.  And it’s exactly that magical ability to transform that makes these dainty insects so inspiring.

 butterfly beauty, fashion, and tattoo art

Given the modern beauty aesthetic and the bevy of ever-changing celebrity looks, it’s no secret that today’s women are becoming masters of quick change proficiency.  The art of the makeover has risen to new heights.  Perhaps that’s one of the reasons that nature’s maverick transformer has become inextricably associated with femininity.

 butterflies and modern femininity

Although the classic white moth and the monarch butterfly are arguably the most recognizable of this flighty species, butterflies, just like women, come in all beautiful shapes, colors, and sizes.

beautiful butterfly belly rings

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