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Mardi Gras style all year long

Today is Mardi Gras, one of the funnest holidays of the calendar year, and the perfect time to get your dress-up on.  But bright, flirty, over-the-top accessories don’t have to be limited to just Fat Tuesday and Halloween.  There’s a whole slew of traditionally Mardi Gras-tastic items that make awesome additions to your regular party wear all year long, starting with the Mardi masque colors purple and green.

These two tantalizing hues make a top-notch pairing and compliment eachother in unexpectedly beautiful ways.  Deep Amethyst goes great with brilliant chartreuse, and fuchsia is stunning with island lime.  Make your own mixes and watch as heads turn.

fun Mardi Gras color body jewelry

Next on our list is the fab leur de lis, a sweet little french floral element that’s a staple of Mardi Gras festivities.  In the celebration capital (New Orleans, Louisiana), there’s even an area that’s considered the Mecca of Mardi Gras, called the French Quarter.  All florals have a wistful and feminine appeal, but the fleur takes the cake in terms of ladylike and lavish, featuring even in the Crown Jewels of England.

elegant fleur de lis jewelry

And last we have a favorite that’s as versatile as it is varied: the feather.  Whether it’s belly rings, earrings, hair accessories, or whatever, natural feathers make a magnificent addition to any “night out” wardrobe.  Wearing them might not result in a bevy of beads, but it’s certain to cause a stylish stir.

fabulous feathery party earrings

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