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 Modified Like a Sir

Break out the mariachi music and the marzipan; it’s time to live it up “like a sir” with a myriad of mustachioed jewelry that would turn even the most discerning handlebar aficionado green with envy.

 super sweet mustachioed style

The mustache isn’t just in fashion, it is fashion, and everyone who’s anyone has a secret stache.  Wearing it out in the open on your lobes just lets everybody else know that your ears are cooler than theirs.

 sweet mustache stud earrings

Belly baring season is in full swing, and the perfect accompaniment to rock hard abs, tummy tattoos, a stellar tan, or all of the above, is a little friendly mustache to make your stomach smile.  Just think of your belly button as a tiny friend that needs a quick, kitschy makeover.

 fun and flirty mustache navel jewelry

If you’d rather stick with the traditional mustache territory, no problem.  Pierced septum plus carved buffalo horn equals major mustache love.  Just pop on your monocle, put up your pinky, and rock it like a retro star.  No grooming required.

buffalo horn mustache septum jewelry

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