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feathery holiday fashion

Feathers are normally thought of as only summer accessories, but why? Do modified fashionistas ever followed the norm? No, of course not! Break all of the rules and pair these fabulous feather accessories with an oversized, off the shoulder sweater for a great transitional look this season!

Feather belly rings and earrings are some of the most popular accessories currently on the market. Feathers are all natural and lightweight; they add to any hairstyle or accessory look. The beauty of feathers is that they can be dressed up or worn casual, depending on the size and context. You can choose bold, funky, colorful dyed feathers to brighten up your look and stand out in any season. Oversized feather earrings will give your ears that extra boost of confidence without being chunky and heavy like ornate metal jewelry of a similar size. Delicate feather belly rings are perfect for those of us who like lightweight jewelry in our navel piercings, especially during the off-season.

colorful real feather belly jewelry

Fall is all about bringing out those browns and darker, richer colors, and natural toned feathers fully complete the bohemian look. The hip boho style is intentionally messy: layered clothing, with oversized natural accessories, and free flowing hair. The Native American influence is also obvious in the feather trend. Traditional Native American style jewelry featuring semi precious stones mixed with feathers and beads is a fashion must that looks spectacular on everyone.

American Indian inspired body jewelry

Wow your family and friends with this hot trend during the holidays. Feathers are perfect attire for a Thanksgiving dinner because they are the ultimate combo of natural and sassy. For winter you can wear stunning white feathers to create a delicate, snow inspired look. Bright colored or printed feather body jewelry will bring that burst of summer to your drab winter mood. And feather body jewelry also makes for a fashionable gift. There’s a perfect feather accessory for absolutely everyone! How do you wear your feathers?

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