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 skeletal Fall fashion

Dangerous Detailing

 embellished sticks and bones

If it looks like evil, smells like evil, tastes like evil, then it must be deliciously deadly fashion.  Even skeletal remains need some accessorizing now and then.

 neat skull necklaces

Lovely Bones

 bony beauty

These beautiful bones are more art than afterlife, and the prerogative to dip our hands into the realm of death without losing our sassiness or femininity is one of the best parts of being a girl.

 lady skull body jewelry

Latin Flare

 sugar skull styling

For a fashion boost from south of the border, look no further than the sweetest delicacy of the newly undead: the sugar skull.

 colorful sugar skull jewelry

Pillars of Pop

 skulls in popular culture

Pop culture isn’t just obsessed with skulls, it’s downright teeming with afterlife symbolism and references.  One surefire way to stay ahead of the curve?  Make a modern statement with unbleached bones.

 kitsch skull belly rings

Skeletons in the Closet

 skeletons not what they seem

Skulls can pop up in some unlikely places, but fashion is king when it comes to keeping secrets.  Just ask these lovely Katrinas.

 Katrina skeleton cameo ear plugs

Wearing Your Bones on Your Sleeve

 skeletal fashion fetish

Wearing your love of all things creepy out in the open is the funnest part of the impending witching season, so get your skeletons now, while they’re hot.

 All fashion photography sourced via WGSN

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