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modern ballerina fashion

Tantalizingly Traditional

 traditional ballet

Love the graceful language of traditional ballet?  Then sticking to the standbys is an easy way to feed your fashion hunger. Just start with a little glitter, and add bows and pearls accordingly.

 glittery pink body jewelry

Overtly Girly

 princess and ballerina girly style

Even the most sincere of tomboys has a hankering for some cuteness once in a while and pastels are the perfect way to quench the urge.

 soft hued titanium body jewelry

Dance Like Everyone’s Watching

 attention getting dancer style

Sometimes the truer test of freedom is to dance as if you want to be seen.  Of course, it doesn’t hurt to draw a little attention to the right strategic places either, and that’s where the magic of some serious bling comes into play.

 ballerina worthy belly jewelry

Raw Emotion

 wild dancing hair

If dance is meant to express a feeling, then surely the same should be true about hair.  Every creative endeavor deserves a little rawness and realness.  Frizz-Ease?  In your dreams.

Down Time

 casual cuteness

Who says a life lived in sweats can’t be super stylish?  For everyone whose “down time” amounts to almost no time, the all-star compliment to casual is a fashionably uplifting pair of classic wings.  Eat your heart out other gym-goers.

cute and casual wing dangle earrings

All fashion photography sourced via WGSN

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