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Red with Black and White

The poignant mixture of brilliant red with black and white creates a sense of unnaturalness, false reality, or even impending doom. When mixing reds with monochromatic styling, less is definitely more, but prepare to be noticed regardless.

Ruby Red

Ruby red and crimson, all of the deeper reds, are inextricably linked to blood, danger, vampirism, and all things dark or gothic.

Bright Red and Reddish Orange

Brighter reds and reds with a touch of orange impart a more retro feel, with styling inspirations drawn directly from kitsch fashion, vintage, and particularly burlesque.  This red is feminine, yet comically realistic, with all of the punch and plushness that makes it the classic original companion to any femme fatale.

Perhaps that’s exactly why red has become a popular hue among celebrities, and not just for lips and wardrobe staples.


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