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awesome avian fashion

What’s the thing to do in Spring?  When in doubt, just put a bird on it!


The swallow is know as a sailor’s signature bird, and with modern tattoo art returning to classic maritime motifs, it’s also a fashionista’s best friend.  In the first half of the 1900s, seamen would be noticed for their swallow tattoos, because a swallow inked across the chest or forearm meant a sailor had traversed over 5,000 miles of ocean.  You might not be able to claim the same, but the birdies can still bring you style luck by adding a nautical touch to your Spring wardrobe.

fun nautical swallow bird body jewelry


These adorable little lovebirds have the perfect feminine flair to kick your navel ring collection up a notch, just in time for belly-baring weather.  Antiqued details, brilliant color, and a bevy of hearts mean that there’s a match for any signature style.  They might even lead to a little romance of your own.

sweet lovebird belly jewelry

Little Chickadees

If you’re in the mood for the cutest of cute, look no further than these sweet little tweeters.  Baby birdies are the ultimate in girly accessories, and Spring is the perfect time to show off some serious songbird love.  Just don’t forget to take it easy elsewhere in your outfit, because a little touch of precious goes an amazingly long way.

cute songbird body jewelry

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