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Boom Boxing

There’s something so deliciously 90s about rockin' out with an old school boom box. The perfect compliment to a few pounds of metal and plastic?  A few more pounds of metal, and plastic.

Guitar Vixen

Whether you shred like a rock star, or just love the shine of a good Stratocaster, a crazy guitar solo is nothing without the perfect pick... And showing off some hot, Summer ready abs couldn’t hurt either.

Major Tunage

Addicted to tunes? Take your ear buds everywhere? Then it’s high time you embrace the beauty of a barrage of blissful notes and clefs. There’s nothing more glam than wearing your love of music on your sleeve... Or belly button, as the case may be.

Killer Classics

Remember when music was, well, played exclusively on instruments?  If you’re a fan of classical or oldies over contemporary, then you’ll appreciate the inclusion of some good old fashioned orchestral strings.

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