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guitar culture fashion

The month of April is International Guitar Month, and we’re getting ready to celebrate in style.  Since April is also the first full month of Spring, it’s time to break out some rockin’ belly jewelry and get down to fashion business.

rock guitar love(source: WGSN)

 Even if you don’t shred like a heavy metal superstar or own a limited edition Fender Stratocaster, everybody can appreciate a little love for the brand that’s become synonymous with rockin’ guitars.  Show a little love, and get a lot of attention with these sweet picks that do so much more than strum.

officially licensed Fender belly jewelry

For those who prefer to go a little girly with their guitar love, there’s always the less trendy, more fashion independent route.  Hot little guitars with wings, stars, and sparkling gems show your appreciation for the music and your affinity for all things princess.  After all, who needs prince charming when you’ve got your guitar?

fun guitar style belly jewelry

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