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feminine Halloween horror fashion

They may feast on human flesh, organs, and brains, but these mean green undead lurchers are sad and misunderstood.  Their hearts may not be beating, but they can be worn on their sleeves, and for these naughty brain nibblers it’s all about raising awareness.

 fun zombie awareness body jewelry

The flirty vampira has a penchant for gothic jewels, and nothing is too much bling for the queen of the undead.  Unchanged across endless centuries of thirst, her wardrobe contains both gentle nods to her vintage fashion sense, and toss-ins that showcase her ability to adapt in the modern era.  And no vamp would be complete without a bloody good sense of humor.

 flirty vamp jewelry

Even though she’s packed for freshness, underneath all those bandages this slender mummy hides some killer goods looks.  Plus, with a home town like Giza or Cairo, she’s got hot Egyptian fashion all wrapped up.

 cool Egyptian body jewelry

The Catrina is blooming beautiful and exotic.  Take from Mexico and Central America’s Día de los Muertos, or “Day of the Dead” holiday, the Catrina is a representation of a beautiful skeleton woman.  Often compared to the corpse bride, this feminine matron of the undead is all about floral, and a string of posies strategically placed can become as deadly as her beauty.

Day of the Dead Sugar Skull Belly Rings

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