Jewelry Fashion Fix: Killer Halloween Candy

by Lorna

 deadly sugar rush fashion

When you’re ready for a deadly dose of sugar, just add a little makeup and a few flirty flowers, and you’re bound to bewitch whichever unsuspecting mortal falls under your gaze.  Or, if the maquillage seems a little much, grab one of these ready made sugar skull baubles and drift off into the night to paint the town a bloody red.

 sweet sugar skull body jewelry

When edibles become scarce, all the ghoulies turn to their eight legged friends, and these candy colored creeps are more than happy to oblige.  The only thing better than a first class scare is a spider that’s as sweet as its pulse-pounding payoff, so don’t be surprised if everyone you meet develops a sudden case of crushing arachnophobia.  Will you be the black widow, or leave them hanging by a thread?

 brilliant titanium spiders and webs

Every beguiling baker likes a challenge now and then, and these sickening sweets are just what the doctor ordered.  They may be made with sugar and spice and everything nice, but a little touch of poison delivers just the right hint of dangerous.  Don’t let the sweet swirls of frosting and candy sprinkles fool you; these potent and tasty party treats have a devilishly decadent dark side, just like the sinful sweethearts who wear them.

cute killer cupcake jewelry

by Lorna

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