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This look is about the mystery of dark magic, fantastical forest dwelling creatures, frightening acts of nature, and the majesty of the modern gothic fairy tale.


Bolstered by components of mysticism and witchcraft, the elements of nature become unforgiving and fierce. Use wings, stark black, and antiqued metals to foreshadow impending doom and give a feeling of mystical power.

Beautiful Death

Skeletons, creepy taxidermy, and ghostly minimalism are the name of the game. Bugs and rabbit feet, anatomical designs with human bones, and washed out pales are the order of the day to create this provocative and slightly disturbing air.

Formidable Flora

Misleadingly feminine and romantic, but with a hint of hidden danger, these are the kind of flowers that are built to destroy. Think venus fly trap, Little Shop of Horrors, and enchanted forest vines that attack and envelope.

Unnatural Romantic Vintage

Is it in the eyes? The hair? The washed out tones? By mixing monochrome, purposefully drab pastels, dead flowers, and romantic lace with vintage silhouettes and styling, the overall feeling takes on a slightly unnatural haze. The ultimate goal is to appear irregular, or not quiet human.

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