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pseudo-geisha styling

Asian Invasion

 oriental cultural movement

Ready to learn a little Chinese?  Then cool kanji-covered jewelry is the way to go.

 plugs with chinese symbols

Traditionalist Vintage

 vintage geisha and kimono

If you like the look of artistic, old-school kimono fabrics as much as I do, then you’ll love these gently updated takes on traditional kimono print. Peacocks, fans, florals, and more create the perfect blend of old and new.

 kimono inspired body jewelry

Sculpturally Cool Coif

 awesome geisha inspired hair styling

One of the neatest hairstyles right now is the sculptural, geisha inspired top bun, and it’s even more fun when accented with some cute little hair accessories.  The best thing about stealing this style? When it comes to ornamentation, the more the merrier.

 ornamental hair pins

Alternative Artwork

 geisha inspired modern art

Geisha styling and Japanese Ukiyo-e art have been major influences in modern tattooing for decades, along with the Japanese full body tattoo style known as Horimono.  One of the prettiest and most easily translatable elements common to these art forms is the koi fish, or wild carp, a symbol of perseverance and courage.

 koi fish jewelry and tattoos

Modern Remix

 modernized geisha inspired style

The re-envisioned geisha aesthetic is a blend of the best traditional color palettes and motifs with modern silhouettes, lines, and imagery.  One key element that brings this feminine style together?  Flowers.

feminine floral belly jewelry

All fashion photography sourced via WGSN

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