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hot holiday party fashion

Christmas may be all but over, but there’s still plenty of party to go around.  So what do you rock for all those New Year’s soirees?  Take a cue from the hottest sellers of the holidays: decorations.

Going Glitter-Happy

 fun, holiday-worthy glitter stud earrings

Everybody knows that the New Year has three main fashion staples: gold, gemstones, and glitter!  For a major dose of glam that doesn’t involve expensive, impossible to wash off maquillage, sparkle up your ears and sweep your locks into a dangerously flirty updo.  The fact that this combo naturally gives that alluring bare-necked look is a beautiful bonus.

Jingle All the Way

 shining jingle bell body jewelry

Instead of the standard rhinestone-studded fare, why not modernize your baubles with a cluster of shining jingle bells?  Dashes of crystal and brilliant colored titanium give your style a little extra boost while the gentle jingle of dangling bells leaves a come-hither flash of flirt in your wake.  Just be sure to reward any hotties that follow the sound with a smile (and maybe a dance or two).

Coming up Roses

 fabulous rose gold tone jewelry

A modern take on traditional New Year’s gold is the beautiful blush of a rose gold tone.  Naturally feminine and universally flattering, rose gold hues are the perfect addition to a hard partying outfit and a pouting coral lip.  Keep it simple, or dazzle with multiple coordinated pieces that throw a spark and a sparkle in all the right places.  Now you can sit back and watch the ball, and all the jaws, drop.

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