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simple steel body jewelry

Like many of us, you’ve probably seen a lot of 90s retro stainless steel body jewelry lately and been interested in emulating the look.  It may seem a little bit boring, but basic steel can be dressed up in a variety of ways that are all still simple and fashion friendly.


Adding dimples, facets, ribs, or matte finishes can be friendly to the eye and add a little interest.  Pairing single textured pieces with a crowd of standard-finish items gives extra drama or draws the gaze to a particular feature.

 steel ball captive rings


Hematite balls provide a gentle contrast, adding richer dimension to the monochrome look.  To keep things from looking to uniform, mixing barbell styles is a great tool; say a BCR in the nose and a horseshoe in the lip.

 hematite ball body jewlery


Tipping steel jewelry with spikes instead of standard balls kicks any look up a notch and creates an edgy, modern feel.

 steel spiked body jewelry

Acrylic Balls

When all else fails, replacing standard steel balls with more colorful or glittery acrylic ones is a great way to liven up your style without straying from the tried and true.  Color and texture choices can be bold or subdued, attention-grabbing or understated; it’s all a matter of how wild or mild your personal taste is.  Either way, steel is still a total home run.

body jewlery replacement balls

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